Smt. Namrata Chodankar

Our village is unique in every aspect, it has people, as its residents with lots of cultural and traditional background. Though our village enshrines a typical representation of a village, the upper wards i.e. I, II and III and parts of Ward IV and V are semi urban in nature. So the influx is of both an urban and the a village life. the lower portions of the village beyond the plateau showcases a typical village life with most of the people having farming and fishing as their traditional occupations. Whereas the top plateau has the hustle and bustle of a busy life and most of the people are employed in private service or other kinds on employment. Thus the requirements of our village are so varied and often present a challenge for us in terms of catering to the ever exponential needs of our villagers.

I have felt the changes in the villagers needs from the time I have been serving my Villagers since the time I was elected in 2012 till date. Fortunately, our panchayat staff and members are ever a helping hand in our endeavours to serve people of our Village. Our able friend and leader, our Sarpanch, Mr. Sandeep Salgaonkar, is ever helping hand and goes beyond boundaries in meeting the needs of our Villagers. But we still had situations like being a rock and hard place and the village had problems like Garbage disposal, that served as an ecological threat to the serene environment of our Village.

The development of our village actually took to heights under the dynamic leadership and guidance of our MLA, Shri Rohan Ashok Khaunte, who came to our rescue and propelled the development of our Panchayat into a fast developing Panachayat with proper Garbage Collection and Disposal methods, establishing farmer’s clubs, self-help groups empowering the local women to support men in shouldering responsibilities and promoting the growth of local farmers through various subsidies. Together we work as a team always keeping in mind, ahead the needs of our Villagers. The efforts of the hard work put in by our team and our visionary leader Shri Rohan Ashok Khaunte, helped us march into developing Village and thus began our journey from a small Village Panchayat Office to the grandeur of an enormous Panchayat Ghar, housing the needs of the Villagers and promoting the growth and development of our villagers in every aspect.