Sarpanch Desk

Smt. Roshni Rajesh Sawaikar

I feel gratified to announce the launch of our official village panchayat website. I being a sarpanch of the village take the honor to introduce this website to my village people and help them to get through our new website and furnish them with the benefits and usage of the website. On our website, we have all the necessary pieces of information and forms available on just a single click. This not only helps people to get what they want but also saves their time which can be utilized somewhere else in some productivity. In our website, we have included all types of schemes, forms, and Acts.
I assure you that website will be live for 24*7 throughout the year with the latest update. I appeal to the village people to kindly visit the website and appreciate the work of the staff in maintaining the website up-to-date with the latest functions and the happenings.